Whether it be a sunny dry summer or a freezing slippy and damp winter at R&P repairs we can supply, fit and balance any tyres to tackle whatever the conditions you may face at a very reasonable price! 
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2x Premium All Weather Tyres from £140 Fitted


R&P Repairs, based in Great Bridge, not far from West Bromwich offer a comprehensive Tyre Fitting Service. 


At R&P, tyre safety is paramount. Obviously, the tyres are the things that connect you and your Family to the road! If tyre tread is below 1.6mm you can end up with 3 Penalty Points on your Licence for each tyre and expect a big fine! We advise all customers if the tread is down to 2mm its certainly time to get them changed.


We can supply and fit Premium Brands from Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Dunlop. 


During the warm Summer months, we all drive more miles and go away on holidays so its essential to make sure your tyres are up to the extra miles. Being pulled over by the Police and fined for low tyre tread would not be a great start to a holiday! 


Call us for a quote for the best prices on All Weather & Summer Run Flat Tyres.  

Tyre Fitting Great Bridge
Selecting the Right Tyre

At R&P we know that Tyre selection is important. Firstly because in the UK tyres need to perform in all weathers throughout the year and wear well because they are so expensive. Finding this balance is difficult. 


All tyres are EU Tested for performance. The 3 Main Factors are Fuel Economy, Wet Weather Grip and Noise Generated by the Tyres which will affect travel noise in your vehicle especially on the Motorway. There is also the rate of wear to consider. Winter and ALL Weather Tyres tend to offer excellent grip but are a slightly softer compound so sometimes dont last as long so its a balance, however, the over riding factor for UK roads is probably Wet Weather Grip. 


Premium Brands can offer the best Ratings for each of the factors but not always. Medium Budget Tyres such as Yokohama, Marshall and Avon can also offer excellent performance.